Your Resume: From Good to AMAZING

Job recruiters take an average of 6 seconds to scan a resume[1], with that said, how can you make your resume standout above the rest? Here are a few tips:

  • Highlight Your Accomplishments vs. Responsibilities
  • Use Objective Measures to Demonstrate Your Impact
  • Align Your Accomplishments and Measures to Core Business Objectives

Accomplishments v. Responsibilities

Your job responsibilities provide context for your current and previous roles, but unfortunately they don’t necessarily ‘speak to’ your performance fulfilling those responsibilities. Just because you did your job, doesn’t necessarily mean you did it well. This is where highlighting your accomplishments come into the picture. Your accomplishments ‘speak to’ what you actually did well, that was deemed meaningful to your organization. Consider highlighting those activities more so than just the daily responsibilities of your role.

Objective Measures

Incorporating objective measures into your resume is a great way to give ‘weight’ to the impact of your accomplishments. For example, highlighting the fact that you ‘improved a process for all employees in the company’ sounds good, but highlighting the fact that you ‘improved a process for 45,000 employees in the company’ sounds amazing! As you narrow your focus on which measures to include, consider some of the following areas: money (e.g., cost savings), quality (e.g., satisfaction scores), time (e.g., time savings), and volume (e.g., 80,000 widgets). Integrating objective measures into your resume is a great way to underscore your accomplishments and standout from other applicants.

Core Business Objectives

Finally, aligning your accomplishments and objective measures with core business objectives can help focus your resume on what matters most to an organization. Most ‘for-profit’ organizations have at least 3 core business objectives: 1). Growing Revenue/Sales 2). Increasing Profitability 3).Reducing Risk

Growing Revenue/Sales – A company’s revenue reflects its ability to generate income usually through the sale of its products or services. Accomplishments aligned to this objective typically are the result of directing selling to clients or the promotion of a company’s offering that leads to a sale.

Increasing Profitability – A company’s profitability is the result of its ability to generate more revenue than its expenditures (i.e., make more, spend less). Accomplishments aligned to this objective typically are the result of reducing costs and improving inefficiencies.

Reducing Risk – Most companies are continuously looking to reduce their exposure to activities that would make them susceptible to legal actions and financial penalties. Accomplishments aligned to this objective typically are the result of compliance to regulatory policies and standard operating procedures.

Being able to highlight accomplishments that help to improve any of these 3 core business objectives is a great way to distinguish your resume from other candidates.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.


Example 1 – Growing Revenue/Sales

Good: Launched several strategic marketing campaigns to promote new retail products in the northeast region of the US.

Amazing: Launched 3 strategic marketing campaigns to promote new retail products in 6 US states, adding 8,000 new customers and contributing to 4.5% revenue growth versus prior year.

Example 2 – Increasing Profitability

Good: Negotiated and managed vendor contracts with key suppliers for all North American operations.

Amazing: Negotiated price reductions with 4 North American suppliers, reducing annual operating expenses by 12% for cost savings of $340,000.

Example 3 – Reducing Risk

Good: Managed training programs to ensure compliance to regulatory standards

Amazing: Implemented audit process to ensure 100% compliance of training programs to meet regulatory standards reducing the organization’s exposure to federal penalties.


On average US corporate job offers attract roughly 250 resumes per job, of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.[2] Revising your resume to highlight your job accomplishments coupled with objective measures that are aligned to core business objectives, is a great way to get your resume to stand out from the crowd and hopefully become the one who gets the job.


[1] Source: Ladders

[2] Source: Glassdoor

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